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The Witching Hour Ep. 4 : The Jalapeño Caliente

Hello and welcome back to the witching hour. Sibyl here, your favourite pre-Christian prophet, broadcasting live from the hippest part of Delphi’s west end. It is 3.03 am and I just couldn’t sleep due to the raucous antics ahappening out on the cobbled streets. Summer (according to the Gregorian calendar) has arrived here in ancient Greece, dear listeners, and everybody who is anybody is out this witching hour at La Peninsula, trying to get into the new micro salsa bar that has just opened. It is a blatant display of what I can only describe as a post-confinement, last ditch attempt to bring some cultural credibility back to ye old streets.


Now, listen, I like to partay as much as the next philistine waiting in the queue at the bank. Don’t get it twisted. I am not a square. Just because I prefer the finer things in life now, and care not to spend my Saturday evenings traipsing round the club strip, getting krunk on battery acid and then strategically using my psychic powers and customer sales voice to get the girls free admission into Valhalla. Sure, maybe in 2002. But times have changed and I no longer see the value in willingly altering my perceptions of reality enough to make going home with one of the sad boy bards seem like a sensible life decision. Anyway.

Tune in, as I relate to you with my usual wit and effortless charm, the British school trip debauchery, Helen of Troy’s failed new business venture and the opening of a new salsa bar, The Jalapeño Caliente.

It's 3.03 am. Welcome to the Witching Hour. Join your favourite pre-Christian prophet, Psychic Sibyl, as she takes you on a wild ride through the cosmic realm. Some content may not be suitable for those not seeking to uncover the deepest secrets of the unknown spiritual universe.

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