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Like most of the world during this pandemic, we have dedicated our energy to the science of yeast and proofing, aspiring to create the perfect dough. After deciding that we were deserving of consuming #adoughaday and capable of sustaining the labour of it, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.


At the begging of lock-down my flatmates and I took a stroll down memory lane and if you know us well then you must know that what we care about is the food, so when we were looking at all the pictures from our holiday in Norway the cardamom flavours of skoleboller hit us and inspired us to recreate that delicious bun/pastry/bready/creamy filled yummyness. I was soon skipping from website to website and watching YouTube vids that left me and Sofi’s eyes wide open 😉 and watering mouths that desired to be satisfied, a couple of videos and we found it. The perfect recipe.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the dreamy and soft music of this video, the recipe has strong superpowers and should be watched and re-used carefully, every step counts.

Armed with butter and the special cargo of flour, a rare find during those times, we began the process; timers were set and bribes were made ( as we were watching Twilight during the making of this buns I convinced Bria and Soph to stay up and help me in exchange of ice cream). Every step counted and every step was worth it, it was the best way to kick start our new, but now tradition, of Saturday morning brunch and let me tell you all, every Saturday is better than the other.

Anyways, skoleboller was not the only dough that was made, oh nah ah ah honeyyy!!!

Shortly after this, we decided to start our own sourdough yeast. A cup of flour and water and our baby was born, their name is Nelly and although I don’t take good care of them anymore (they are gender less) I must admit that it gifted us with some pretty good breads, sesame pancakes and crepes suzette, mmhhh… crepes suzette with orange blossom water and beautiful orange zest and sweet sugar melting in the freshly squeezed orange juice sauce…. aah delicious

After a week Nelly was ready, the fermentation transformed them into a slimy paste that single-handedly saved our strong bread craving. I was sceptical at first, I could not imagine that something like that could give our bread loaves perfect crust and and air pockets, however I am pleased to say that Nelly did not disappoint, they were the gift that kept on giving every 10 minutes spent kneading a dough was a whole evening of amazing smelling freshly baked goods and an excuse to indulge into my developed cheese addiction: sourdough bulls with cream cheese (tick ✔), olive bread loaf and boursin (tick✔), sundries tomatoes bun with cheddar? yeah I know what’s good.

Unfortunately, this beautiful chapter of a dough a day has ended, however I wanted to write this article to never forget of that beautiful culinary time in our lives, share it with the world and possibly inspire someone out there to not be afraid of carbs they bring a lot of joy to your body.

Here are some hot xxx-rated pictures for the Pintrest board :))

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