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FairlyChatty presents: Les chansons qui ont changé ma vie

FairlyChatty presents…… 'Songs That Changed My Life'. Today’s episode is brought to you by your dear friends Bria and Sofi Agnes and Gladys. The structure of the series is as follows: our host invites their guest to choose three songs that have ‘changed their life,’sharing their experiences of the music before postulating its deeper impact on them as individuals. 

                                  --------Translation (more or less)--------

Bria Agnes:  Allow me to introduce myself and the series. For those of you who don't known me, I'm Agnes. Style icon, dictator of taste, excessive drinker, sex symbol and the mother of every single one of you! Surprise kids! ( metaphorically speaking, of course, I don't have the time of day for... childbirth ) . I do, however, have a lot of time for music. ENTER: THE PODCAST

 The idea for this project came to me after spending 6 long months with the Mansons' in California. After Charles Manson's breakdown, shit started getting too weird (even for me), I hitchhiked to Mexico City and lay low in an old movie theater. This was where I first saw the movie, 'Midnight Cowboy'. It was there, in the old cinema, that I fully  understood for the first time, the transformative power of music. I'm talking specifically about soundtracks, those iconic songs in films that literally take us to another world. An experience that is not only aural, but also visual. 

Today we have a very, very special guest. Although I originally intended to invite Serge Gainsbourg, I was informed yesterday afternoon by my secretary that she could not reach him, (apparently he's been dead since ‘91). Bit short notice, but what can you do ?

 So, instead of Serge, I asked my secretary to contact Brigitte Bardot. Unfortunately , she told me that Bridget is still refusing to answer my calls after hearing that I trash talked her on the last podcast episode...

 So, instead of Brigitte I have managed to bag us a very, very special guest indeed. She is a lady who is dear to my heart and even dearer to see for a dance show at the Moulin Rouge … she is my oldest, most loyal friend …

Gladys, my love, ça va ? 

Sofi Gladys: Yep ça va, and you ?

I'm good. What's new?

Not much. You know they have had to shut the club cos of lockdown? yeah. so i've rejoined the ranks of the unemployed. But I think my weary bones needed the break. Performing takes its toll on you. And at my I'm getting into the cosy lockdown spirit , sitting on my arse and watching old films. What else could you want in life? I mean, really?

Great! so all set to talk about the world of film music?

Sure. My first song on the list has to be 'Blue Velvet'. An amazing wonderful fantastic piece of music from the film of... the same name...'Blue Velvet'. And I know what you are thinking, very unoriginal of the writer-film-director David Lynch. But maybe he was trying to 'say something' about the-

Seriously, Gladys, can we just go 2 seconds without mentioning that guy's name. !!Please? I mean honestly, everyone in the world already knows that he directed 'Blue Velvet'. SO there really is no need to say his FULL NAME in public spaces....

 Who ??? David Lynch???


Agnes, could you just remind me of the structure of the show today, I'm forgetting how it works...

Uhhh, you have to choose songs from films that have had an impact on you, and then explain your individual experience of-

-Right. that's exactly what I thought. So can you just chill the fuck out for a sec and let me talk. I've always been a fan of blue velvet. The song. The soft material. Everything. As for the film, though: it tells the story of a female performer, and her life on and off stage. Relatable content, of course. We soon discover that despite the way she presents herself at the club, she is a fragile creature, with all the sensibilities of a true artiste. And as for me, every time I listen the theme song,  I can't help think that....

Don't you think I'm too young to retire...? I heard on the grapevine that David Lynch is opening a new club here in Paris. In the 2eme. Word on the street is that he's hiring, maybe I should hand in my CV. What do you think?

To be honest, Gladys, love, I stopped listening after the word 'David Lynch.' But anyways. Your song. Let's have it

          ***plays Blue Velvet, Bobby Vinton from film Blue Velvet, David Lynch*****

My next track for you comes from an American film from the 90's. And to be honest, I cannot recall the name of the film or, for that matter, where I was, or what I was actually doing, during the 90's. Its a blur. The only thing I remember from that strange time is this one song. SOmething about the melody and lyrics just has this effect on me. Its so strange. Like-and pls don't judge me here- I lose all control when I hear it. I just have to strip off and run to the nearest window, and...well, cry. Crazy right? 

What's the song called?



Come again?

 ******french accent*****            <<<Crazy>>> 

          **** plays 'Crazy' by Patsy Cline,film 'Nell'  directed by Michael Apted****

You can put your clothes back on now. And stop crying. 

Sorry. Don't say I didn't warn you. The song just has this effect on me. You say I'm being melodramatic but hey, so what If I AM?! WHAT IF THE WORLD WAS A STAGE AFTER ALL.? Besides, you should really count yourself lucky to-

Ummmm, right, and your last song for us today/??

Well. I'm glad you asked. This last one changed my life so profoundly know.....I just can't see myself living without it....I discovered it during my film obsession with Almodóvar. Its from one of his 1980s classics: 'Matador.' As always, the characters (and animals) in the film are tortured by their inner demons, and fascinating to watch. The film is great, but the best bit by far is when we hear the old bolero 'Espérame en el Cielo,' covered by the Italian singer Mina. Sacrilegious to say it but I actually think her version is better than Celia Cruz's and even Lucho Gatica's. And obvs Almodóvar must agree with me. He's got good taste, that man. And so now I guess you want me to reveal how on earth this song has changed my life. Well, to cut a long story short,this is how: ever since I heard it in Matador, I make sure that I sing the tune every time I make an animal sacrifice.

Everytime you make a what?

Everytime I make an animal sacrifice. ... (On stage, I mean.....)

******'Plays Espérame en el cielo' by Mina, from 'Matador' by Pedro Almodóvar****

 Well, that's all we have time for today, folks. A big thank you to Gladys, for all your lovely songs and lively anecdotes. That last one, in particular, will stay with me for a long time yet I'm sure. To finish our broadcast, I have selected this tune for you, one that reminds me of your dramatic, artistic sentiment, full of spirit, and utterly devoid of rationality. It sure is a difficult time to be an artiste. This one is for you, Gladys. 

 ********plays Puro Teatro, by La Lupe, from the film 'Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown',by Pedro Almodóvar********* 


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  1. J’ai rencontré cette meuf à Paris, dehors d’un bar louche, sorte de jazz/ cabaret/ method actor safe space, tu sais? Franchement, elle me semblait cool- dérangée, mais cool. Rock on Gladys, keep up the method acting. Il faut essayer!

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