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thinking ahead

Dear friends,
Most of us are probably finding it hard to get it off our minds. Our brains have now played out different scenarios, many ‘what if’s’, and carefully prepared mastermind plans to take on heads of departments, university unions and if we will have to, the government. Okay maybe not that far, however inspired by the song ’50 ways to leave your lover’ I have definitely prepared options, because in the darkness of this situation is the only thing, I feel, I can do.

Sofi might have written the best murder mystery, but I must have to say that year abroad is the biggest mystery of them all (hopefully without murder).It is now week 4 of the cosy lock-down and the energy is pretty low compared to the beginning of the year. There were many things that we planned to do, new prospects and plans. There were year abroad to arrange, holidays,internships and languages to learn, and after millions of emails written and forwarded to half of the LLC department we all started to see a possible structure of the lives we could live for a year. Dreaming of walking down new streets and our languages skills improving so quickly we wouldn’t even notice.

Now that this feeling of excitement has become a bit of a stranger to most of us, I hope we can all remember how much it filled us and pushed us during the year. I pray that whatever they will announce tonight regarding the length of the lock-down we will be lifting our spirits up even if it does not seem realistic or if need be, I hope we can all complain together.

As our sleeping schedules get longer, we must store up our energy for when we will slowly start to go back to our normal lives. Mean while for now, we should really find ourselves yah: learn a new skill,an instrument, a new way of thinking or just simply rediscover love and enthusiasm for what we do.

Let’s find in ourselves that excitement that used to push us out of bed to get ready for our 9ams, for those super long days in campus and the boring incomprehensible lectures. There is no doubt that second year has been an emotionally filled roller coaster but we still have a long way to go.

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