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After taking 'time out' to confront our creative differences once and for all, today is a very important day, indeed. Today, the six of us emerge from the final disciplinary board-meeting at the FairlyCurrent HQ, re-invigorated and looking 10 years younger.
Because this time round, we see the promise of a brighter future on the horizon....

Today, we bare gifts of exciting news, an announcement that heralds to start of a beautiful new relationship... between us and the unfamiliar terrain that is home-broadcasting. You've guessed it, kids, we are jumping on the bandwagon. And we invite you to join us as we make the leap from mere writers to fully fledged Boss_a Girls of the SoundWaves. 

From all of us here at FairlyCurrent headquarters: Dennise, Sofi, Sophie, Briá, Valentina and Ayelén.....
We are proud to present.......

That's right. We are podcasters now. So get ready for a whole host of under-qualified yet surprisingly charming hosts, bringing to you an eclectic mix of unsolicited dj sets, talk shows and much, much more.

The songs that changed my life.  Las canciones que me han cambiado la vida. Les chansons qui ont changé ma vie....          Join your host Sofi and her various alter-egos as she invites guests on a journey of musical self-reflection. Content warning: superficially profound and profoundly superficial.

It's 3.03 am. Welcome to the Witching Hour. Join your favourite pre-Christian prophet, Psychic Sibyl, as she takes you on a wild ride through the cosmic realm. Some content may not be suitable for those not seeking to uncover the deepest secrets of the unknown spiritual universe.

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