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FairlyChatty presents: Las canciones que me han cambiado la vida

  FairlyChatty presents…… 'Songs That Changed My Life'. This series is brought is to us by our dear friend Sofi. And the structure is as follows: our host invites their guest to choose three songs that have ‘changed their life,’to share their experiences of the music, before postulating its deeper impact on them as individuals......

  ¿cómo logran a hacer música tan bella con una melodía tan simple? 
        ¿existe una verdad absoluta en la música, si la forma en que cada uno vive una pieza de música es diferente?
     ¿Por qué somos tan obsesionados con la idea de intelectualizar algo que sea tan sencilla?
       ¿para justificar nuestros gustos? 
                     Con este show, quiero abordar el sujeto desde diferentes perspectivas. 
Unfortunately the grammy award winning reguetónero - whom I had originally planned on interviewing- is busy this week. So my dad has stepped in as a last minute substitute. Sure, he's no Bad Bunny. Nor is he that knowledgeable on Alternative Latin Trap. But hey, he likes music. A lot, apparently.  And he's got stuff to say. Specifically about an unresolved issue regarding himself,a case of stolen coca-cola and an anonymous reguetón star (whose name we have had to withhold for legal reasons). 


Maybe I should give you all some more context so that you are all appropriately prepared for the ensuing radio madness.
 (But I'm not going to do that)
                (Enjoy the show) 

Despedimos el día de hoy con una sonrisa, y no dejen esa sonrisa caer, aunque ya me despido. Espero que tengan un bonito día, una bonita vida, y recuerden : sus padres los AMAN.

2 thoughts on “FairlyChatty presents: Las canciones que me han cambiado la vida

  1. The distinctly human quality of these auto-generated voices really threw me for a second, and to tell the truth, I am only just recovering. A more in-depth review to come…
    Besos x

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